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The Punk Song features Sam on bass guitar, Chris on rhythm guitar, and Chris and Sam (in that order) alternating on lead guitar. This song started with the creation of the driving bass line. From there the concept of a fast-paced thrasher with 8 blistering, half-serious, speed metal guitar solos was conceived, and after a very short gestation was born. Some of the finest lead work of both musicians.

The Slide Song grew from a series of riffs Sam wrote on acoustic guitar with slide. This one was very difficult to record on only four tracks due to the various instruments, solos, etc. Sam plays slide guitar, bass, and lead guitar (both solos) while Chris plays rhythm electric guitar. This one sometimes reminds me of Led Zeppelin.

More of a jam than a song, this venture into the realm of techno and industrial revolves around the super-electronic drum pattern. Sam plays very low-tuned bass and heavily-flanged electric guitar, while Chris goes completely insane on the analog keyboard. A sonic trip comparable to visiting another planet.

The hook of this song is the horn section, consisting of Chris on two tracks of trumpet and Sam on two tracks of french horn. Sam also plays some funky bass, accompanied by Chris's rhythm guitar. Influenced by our enjoyment of funk and ska, but before our real familiaryity with either genre.

One of our earliest efforts, ITF (Ironic Twist of Fate) features a pulsing, crunchy guitar riff written by Sam that rips through this definite rocker. Sam and Chris play rhythm guitar, Chris and Sam play lead (in that order), and Brendan Mulcahey makes a rare but excellent appearance on bass. This song shows our early metal influences, but is still a classic.

Named after a verbal slip over a cup of lemonade, this very unique tune has haunting melody laid down by Chris on ethereal echo guitar and distant analog keyboard. Sam plays rhythm guitar and bass to the bouncy drums. Definitely one of our odder works, but quite good. It fades in so don't don't mess with your volume.

The title refers to the intro and outro segments. The body of the song features electric guitar work that is very characteristic of Sam's unique style of jangly rhythmic chords punched out on his Strat. All guitar is played by Sam, all keyboard by Chris (no bass). This song has a very exotic flavor to it.

Second in a pair of experimental rock tunes, this features some very cool riffs, such as Chris's rhythm guitar with wah and digital delay, and Sam's sea of distorted chords behind Chris's flanged lead. Definitely a nub tour de force, also featuring a slide guitar solo by Sam, and slap/pop bass, also by Sam. This song really stretches the abilities of the musicians and the boundaries of rock.

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