But first...I have been playing guitar since 1992, and I have been constantly writing and recording music ever since. In addition to working alone, I have been involved in a number of groups in the past. I first worked with a friend on a project we called nub which generated many really good songs. I also played bass with some people from my high-school in a band called "Booh's Groove" which still jams during vacations from college. In college I have been in a few bands, starting with the instrumental "Not Black But Pretty Damn Close" as well as the folky/funky "Misty Funk." I'm currently the lead guitar player in Chicken Fried Funk, please check us out, we rock. Thanks!

I have two songs available here. The first one is called "Late" (about 5:20) , and the second is called "Summer Starts" (about 2:40). These were both originally recorded on a four-track cassette recorder, then digitized and MPEG 2 compressed. Before you download any of these, you will need MPEG software, see the links below.
(You'll need MPEG audio software for Windows or Mac or UNIX)

Summer Starts clip -120k. The first seven seconds of "Summer Starts."

Summer Starts -2.5Mb. Fairly small file and very good quality. This song is short and sweet, with many interesting chord changes. I think it's actually the better of these two songs, which is cool because it's not a tremendous download at 28.8k/s.

Late clip -132k. The first eight seconds of "Late."

Late -4.6Mb. One of my last recent recordings before leaving my four track behind at home while I left for college, it's full on guitar mania. Not heavy metal though, don't get the wrong idea.

You like music? Listen to this!

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